May 18-24


Digging for Spiritual Gems: (10 min.)

Ge 41:14—Why did Joseph shave before seeing Pharaoh? (w15 11/1 9 ¶1-3)

Ge 41:33—What can we discern from the way that Joseph spoke to Pharaoh? (w09 11/15 28 ¶14)

What spiritual gems from this week’s Bible reading would you like to share regarding Jehovah God, the field ministry, or something else?


Digging for Spiritual Gems – March 23-29 – GENESIS 27-28

March 23-29 – GENESIS 27-28

Digging for Spiritual Gems: (10 min.)

Use Videos When Studying Good News From God! With People: (15 min.) Discussion. Play the videos What Is the Condition of the Dead? and Why Does God Allow Suffering? After each video is played, ask the following questions: How can you use this video when studying the Good News brochure? (mwb19.03 7) What points from the video have you found helpful in your teaching? Remind all that the digital version of the Good News brochure includes links to videos.
Digging for Spiritual Gems | GENESIS 25-26: (10 min.)
Ge 25:31-34—Why does this account not prove that the line leading to the Messiah was tied to the right of firstborn? (Heb 12:16w17.12 15 ¶5-7)
Ge 26:7—Why did Isaac not tell the whole truth in this instance? (it-2 245 ¶6)
What spiritual gems from this week’s Bible reading would you like to share regarding Jehovah God, the field ministry, or something else?

Memorial Campaign to Begin Saturday, March 14: (8 min.) Discussion. Give everyone in the audience a copy of the invitation, and review it. Play and discuss the sample presentation video. Outline local arrangements for covering the territory.

Tuesday, March 10

Keep on . . . seeking first the Kingdom and his righteousness.​—Matt. 6:33.

Today, God’s will for his people is to develop a friendship with him and have as full a share as possible in his work. (Matt. 28:19, 20; Jas. 4:8) Well-meaning people might try to sway us from that course. For example, what if your employer offered you a promotion with a substantial increase in salary but the position would interfere with your spiritual activities? Or if you are in school, suppose you were offered an opportunity to move away from home to receive additional education. At that moment, would you need to do prayerful research, consult with others, and then make a decision? Why not learn Jehovah’s thinking on such matters nowand endeavor to make his thoughts your own? Then, if you are ever presented with such an offer, you may find that it hardly amounts to a temptation. Your spiritual goals are set, your heart is resolved, and all that remains for you is to carry out a decision that you have already made. w18.11 27 ¶18

2020 03 08 Examining the Scriptures Daily

Sunday, March 8
You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.​—John 8:32.

That freedom includes freedom from false religion, ignorance, and superstition. And it involves more. It will ultimately include “the glorious freedom of the children of God.” (Rom. 8:21) Taste that freedom even now by ‘remaining in Christ’s word,’ or teachings. (John 8:31) In this way, you will come to “know the truth” not just by learning about it but also by living it. In this old system, even a so-called good life is at best uncertain and short. We do not know what tomorrow will bring. (Jas. 4:13, 14) The wise course, then, is to stay on the path that leads to “the real life”​—everlasting life. (1 Tim. 6:19) Of course, God does not force us to walk that path. The choice is ours. Make Jehovah your “portion.” (Ps. 16:5) Cherish the many “good things” he has given you. (Ps. 103:5) And have faith that he can give you “abundant joy” and “happiness . . . forever.”​—Ps. 16:11. w18.12 28 ¶19, 21

December 16-22

Re 16:13, 14—How will the nations be gathered for “the war of the great day of God the Almighty”? (w09 2/15 4 ¶5)
16:13-16. “Unclean inspired expressions” symbolize demonic propaganda intended to ensure that the kings of the earth are not swayed by the pouring out of the seven bowls of God’s anger but instead are maneuvered into opposition to Jehovah.—Matt. 24:42, 44.

Re 16:21—What message will we no doubt declare just prior to the end of Satan’s world? (w15 7/15 16 ¶9)
9 This will not be the time to preach the “good news of the Kingdom.” That time will have passed. The time for “the end” will have come! (Matt. 24:14) No doubt God’s people will proclaim a hard-hitting judgment message. This may well involve a declaration announcing that Satan’s wicked world is about to come to its complete end. The Bible likens this message to hailstones when it says: “Great hailstones, each about the weight of a talent, fell from heaven on the people, and the people blasphemed God because of the plague of hail, for the plague was unusually great.”—Rev. 16:21.


What does this week’s Bible reading teach me about Jehovah?

Re 13:6: Jehovah’s name is very sacred to him and will punish those abuse it and at the end he will destroy all who do not know. At Le 24:16 we are told: ”So the abuser of Jehovah’s name should be put to death without fail.” Yes we are told at 2Th 1:8-9 they “. . . will undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction.” May we never disrespect Jehovah name.

Re 14:6: Jehovah has a work for his faithful servants to preach to “all the inhabited earth for a witness.” (Mt 24:14) Yet because of Jehovah’s love and purpose he assigns his angels to help his servants to complete the preaching work. This should encourage us to preach because we are not alone; we have Jehovah on our side. (Ps 118:6; Isa 51:12; Ro 8:31)

Re 14:7: Jehovah should be fear because he bring “the hour of the judgment.” We need to recognize that Jehovah is the Universal Sovereign; we can honor him by willingly submitting to him, doing his will, and worshiping him the way he wants. (Pr 8:13; Mt 7:21-23; Jas 2:19-20)

Re 14:9-10;15:7;16:1: Jehovah has anger especially toward those who worship the “wild beast and its image,” which are symbols of human rulership, which does not acknowledge Jehovah’s sovereignty. True servants know that God’s Kingdom has already been set up in heaven, that it will put an end to all human rulerships, and that it will stand forever. (Da 2:44)

Re 15:3-4: Jehovah is “the Almighty,” which means that Jehovah is more powerful than anyone else in the universe. And the title “King of eternity” means that he has always existed. (Ps 90:2) All his wonderful works of creation and dealings with mankind should encourage us to glorify his name and do his will.

Re 15:8: Jehovah has now assign the seven plagues that he will get rid of the wicked on the earth so it will be cleans, so the righteous will no longer be plague by their works of Satan’s standards that he has set on the earth. (Pr 2:22; Ps 104:35)

Re 16:4: Jehovah is the true fountain of life, for it truths will give everlasting life to those who listen and apply it into their lives. While wisdom of this world can only bring only bring everlasting death. The wisdom of this world is foolishness with Jehovah.” (Jer 2:13; 1Co 3:19;1:19; 2:6; Ps 36:9)

Re 16:5: Jehovah is call “the loyal One, because by destroying the wicked, Jehovah is displaying loyalty to his servants, many of whom have been persecuted to the point of death.

Re 16:7: Jehovah is a righteous God and so we can count on Jehovah judgments to be righteous. For there is nothing hidden from Jehovah’s eyes and see all the wrong the wicked do and see all the good his servants do, (Ec 12:13-14; Ga 6:7)

Re 16:14, 16: Jehovah has a plan to fulfil his prophecy of Da 2:44 of bring “end to all these kingdoms” of the earth. At Armageddon, God’s enemies will likewise perish, while those who love God will be saved.


What other spiritual gems have you discovered in this week’s Bible reading?

Re 13:1-4: A wild beast” symbolizing human governments ascends “out of the sea,” that is, from the turbulent masses of mankind. (Isa 17:12-13; Da 7:2-8, 17) This beast is created and empowered by Satan. A warning for us: not to put our trust in Satan world, which is doom for destruction. (1Jo 2:17; 5:19)

Re 13:7: We see that Satan is permitted to wage war with the holy ones for a short period of time, yet they and the great crowd must endure and have faith that Jehovah will rescue at his right time as he did with Job. (1Co 10:13; Mt 10:22)

Re 13:8: “The scroll of life of the Lamb,” is a figurative scroll containing only the names of those who rule with Jesus Christ in his heavenly Kingdom. It includes the names of anointed Christians still on earth, who have the hope of receiving life in heaven.

Re 13:9-10: Now we are in the Lord’s Day, God’s people must hold fast to Bible principles. There will be no final escape for unrepentant ones who worship the wild beast. We will need endurance with unshakable faith, in order to survive the persecutions and trials that lie ahead. (Heb 10:36-39; 11:6)

Re 13:16-17: Despite the hardships we may encounter in carrying out such everyday activities as ‘buying or selling,’ we should not allow ourselves to be pressured into letting the wild beast rule our lives. Accepting ‘the mark of the wild beast in our hand or upon our forehead’ would amount to permitting the wild beast to control our actions or affect our thinking.

Re 13:18: This wild beast has the number 666, denoting heightened imperfection. Understanding what the beast is helps us so that we neither follow it with admiration nor worship it as mankind in general does. (John 12:31; 15:19)

Re 14:1: The 144,000 having the name of Jesus’ Father symbolically written are sealed ones made known they are Jehovah’s witnesses, His slaves. Having Jesus’ name indicates that they acknowledge being owned by Jesus and are his prospective “bride,” “a new creation” serving God with heavenly life. (Re 21:2, 9)

Re 14:3: The 144,000 are the ones that are bought from the earth as firstfruits of the first resurrection, which the second death has no has no authority over them and “will be priests of God and of the Christ, and they will rule as kings with him for the 1,000 years.” (Re 21:6)

Re 14:6-7: The angelic proclamation teaches us that we should declare the good news of the established Kingdom of God with urgency. We should help our Bible students to develop a healthy fear of God and to give glory to Jehovah.

Re 14:8: Warning to stay clear of “Babylon the Great” if we do not want to be destroy with her. The apostles Paul and Peter warned that many would succumb and a great apostasy would result. (Acts 20:29-30; 2Pe 2:1-3) We need to remember that they don’t worship Jehovah, or preach and have many false teaching.

Re 14:14-20: When “the harvest of the earth,” will be time for the angel to hurl “into the great winepress of the anger of God” the gathering of “the vine of the earth.” That vine is Satan’s corrupt visible system of governments over mankind with its “clusters” of evil fruitage that will then be destroyed forever. We should be determined not to be influenced by the vine of the earth.

Re 16:2-3: There is a price to pay for those who accepting the mark of the beast. Unless they repent, this “hurtful” illness will be terminal, for it is Jehovah’s Day of Judgment. There is no neutral ground between being a part of the world’s system of things and serving Jehovah on the side of his Christ.(Lu 11:23; Jas 4:4)

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December 2-8

Re 7:1—What do the “four angels standing on the four corners of the earth” and “the four winds” represent? (re 115 ¶4)
4 No doubt, these four angels represent four angelic groups, whom Jehovah uses to hold back the execution of judgment until the appointed time. When the angels release those winds of divine wrath to whirl at one time from north, south, east, and west, the devastation will be tremendous. It will resemble, but on a stupendous scale, Jehovah’s use of the four winds to scatter the ancient Elamites, shattering and exterminating them. (Jeremiah 49:36-38) It will be a gigantic storm wind far more devastating than the “tempest” by which Jehovah annihilated the nation of Ammon. (Amos 1:13-15) No part of Satan’s organization on earth will be able to stand in the day of Jehovah’s fury, when he vindicates his sovereignty for all eternity to come.—Psalm 83:15, 18; Isaiah 29:5, 6.

Re 9:11—Who is “the angel of the abyss”? (it-1 12)
Abaddon, the angel of the abyss—who is he?
At Revelation 9:11, however, the word “Abaddon” is used as the name of “the angel of the abyss.” The corresponding Greek name Apollyon means “Destroyer.” In the 19th century there were efforts made to show that this text prophetically applied to individuals such as Emperor Vespasian, Muhammad, and even Napoleon, and the angel was generally regarded as “satanic.” It should be noted, however, that at Revelation 20:1-3 the angel having “the key of the abyss” is shown to be God’s representative from heaven, and rather than being “satanic,” he binds and hurls Satan into the abyss. Commenting on Revelation 9:11, The Interpreter’s Bible says: “Abaddon, however, is an angel not of Satan but of God, performing his work of destruction at God’s bidding.”
In the Hebrew scriptures just considered, it is evident that ʼavad·dohnʹ is paralleled with Sheol and death. At Revelation 1:18we find Christ Jesus stating: “I am living forever and ever, and I have the keys of death and of Hades.” His power with regard to the abyss is shown at Luke 8:31. That he has destroying power, including the power of destruction over Satan, is evident from Hebrews 2:14, which says that Jesus partook of blood and flesh in order that “through his death he might bring to nothing the one having the means to cause death, that is, the Devil.” At Revelation 19:11-16 he is clearly represented as God’s appointed Destroyer or Executioner.—See APOLLYON.

What does this week’s Bible reading teach me about Jehovah?

Re 7:1-3:  Jehovah has a set time to bring an end of all wickedness on the earth as we see here that the angles are holding back the winds of destruction until the sealing is completed. The living Jehovah call out “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until after we have sealed the slaves of our God in their foreheads.” May we be found doing the will of Jehovah. (1Th 5:3; 2Th 1:8-9; 2Pe 3:7; Pr 2:22)

Re 7:4:  Jehovah the great decision maker, who can read the hearts of mankind and see the love one shows for his name and loyalty they shown. That is why Jehovah has left the choosing of the anointed to himself, because they will have to rule over mankind with righteousness.  (Mk 10:40; Mt 10:23)

Re 7:11-12:  Jehovah is the only one shown in the heaven that should be worship because he is the creator and should also be praise and honor. We should give praise and thanksgiving and honor too Jehovah as we observe the fulfillment of Jehovah’s purpose, for this mean our deliverance is near. (Ex 20:5; Mt 4:10)

Re 7:17:  Jehovah’s great love for mankind is demonstrated in this verse for he wants to take away all our anxieties, illness, fears, and even death. Jehovah care about us and after the Thousand Year Reign of Jesus he will fulfill his promise. (Re 21:3-4; Isa 25:8, 1Co 15:54-55)

Re 8:3-4:  Jehovah the hearer of prayer no matter where one is in heaven or earth. We can be confident as long as our prayers are according to his will Jehovah, he answer our prayers but maybe not answer in the way we wanted. May we put our trust in Jehovah for he is our eternal Rock? Ps. 65:12, 141:2, 145:18; Isa 26:4; Acts 10:31)

What other spiritual gems have you discovered in this week’s Bible reading?

Re 7:4:  Not all good people go to heaven, for we see here it is only 144,000 are spoken as brought from the earth to be priests and king of Jehovah. Also they does not get to choose to be one of the anointed for it is Jehovah who does the choosing. (Re 14:1, 3, 5:9, 20:6; Mk 10:40; Mt 10:23)

Re 7:5-8:  This is speaking of spiritual Israel because the tribes of Ephraim and Dan are omitted most likely because of misconduct.  Also the nation of Israel as whole was abandon according to Jesus and they reject Jesus the Son of God. (Mt 21:49, 23:38; Lu 13:35; Jer 31:31-33; Heb 8:8-12)

Re 7:9-10:  This great crowds should strengthen our faith that imperfect human can have salvation because of Jehovah and what his Son Jesus did for us by laying his life down for us. We must not ever let our faith dwindle because of our mistake, for Jehovah want all to live and can forgive in a large way. (Isa 55:7; Ps 103:12-13; 2Pe 3:9)

Re 7:10:  Another scripture that show that Jesus is not part of a trinity. For we see two separate individual we owe our salvation too. Jehovah who set into motion the way to get mankind into good relationship and his Son who was willing to give his life for us.

Re 7:13-14:  The 24 elders represent the 144,000 in their heavenly glory, but only one of the elders reveals to John the identity of the great crowd. So the resurrection of anointed Christians must have begun sometime before 1935, because in that year the correct identity of the great crowd was made known to God’s anointed servants on earth. (Lu 22:28-30; Re. 4:4; 7:9)

Re 7:14-15:  The great crowd survived the great tribulation is because they are exercised faith in Jesus the ransom and are servicing Jehovah day and night because the preaching is being done around the world.

Re 7:16:  This cannot be talk about literal hungry and thirsty since Christians in the first century did suffer literal hunger and thirst at times. (2Co 11:23-27; 1Co 4:11) Spiritual fulfillment for the great crowd and the anointed Christians, they enjoy bounteous spiritual provisions. (Isa 65:13)

Re 8:5:  Jesus told his disciples: “I came to start a fire on the earth” at Lu 12:49. So this symbolic fire set the anointed Christians afire and began a worldwide preaching campaign that made God’s Kingdom a burning issue and truths about Jehovah and his will.

Re 8:6-12:  The sounding of the trumpets represents fearless proclamations of Jehovah’s judgments against Satan’s world by God’s people in cooperation with the angels. This began with the Cedar Point, Ohio, convention in 1922 and will lasts all the way down to the great tribulation.

Re 9:10. 19:  The authoritative Bible-based statements in the publications of “the faithful and discreet slave” contain a stinging message. (Matt. 24:45) This message corresponds to the locusts’ tails that have “stings like scorpions” and the horses of a cavalry, whose “tails are like serpents,” because these publications warn of the day of Jehovah’s vengeance. (Isa. 61:2) Let us be courageous and zealous in distributing them.

Re 9:20-21:  Many meek people who live in so-called non-Christian nations have responded well to the message we proclaim. Yet we are not expecting a mass conversion of people outside the realm of Christendom, who are referred to as “the rest of the people.”

Re 9:20:  Show that idols used in worship of God is not acceptable. That is why we are told at 1Co 10:14 to “flee from idolatry,” if we want our worship to be acceptable to Jehovah. We need to remember that idols can’t speak, hear, smell, walk and save anyone. (Ps 115 4-7, 135:15-19; 1Jo 5:21)

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